CT Ranch is a small family run farm located in beautiful Central Point, Oregon. It is owned and operated by Pierre & Nicole Caballero. We specialize in providing raw dairy and heritage breed pastured meats and eggs. We are one of a very few farms that still sell raw milk.

Beef: Texas Longhorns & Angus


We have chosen a cross of Texas Longhorns and Angus for our beef program. Texas Longhorns are a leaner beef, while the Angus are faster growing, resulting in a high-quality, lean and delicious beefOur beef is grass fed and finished.

Pork: Berkshire & Red Wattle Pigs


We raise a cross of Berkshire and Red Wattle pigs for our pork. These are both heritage breeds and they tend to forage and do well on pasture. We have found this cross to result in the best tasting pork we have ever tasted!

Heritage Eggs & Raw Cows Milk


Our milk comes from our beautiful A2/A2 Jersey, Guernsey and Brown Swiss dairy cows. These breeds have been selected due to their wonderful personalities and their delicious, rich & creamy milk. We also have chicken and duck eggs available seasonally.

Pastured Poultry: Chicken and Turkey


We raise Cornish Cross meat chickens and heritage Bourbon Red Turkeys. They live out on pasture and enjoy sun, grass and bugs, just as nature intended. They are both available on a limited, seasonal basis.


Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

We believe in providing quality rather than quantity and because of this and our small size, we do have a limited amount of product available. CT Ranch will not sell you anything that we wouldn't eat at our own table.

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” – Francois De La Rochefoucauld

We believe in providing a sustainable relationship between all the animals and organisms on the farm. Each system is working to aid each other. We implement intensive rotational grazing of all our cattle, pigs and chickens to further achieve this goal.

The simplest things are most often the truest.” – Richard Bach

We believe in ranching as simply as possible. We raise our animals and run our farm on simple principles: honesty, integrity & respect. We still choose to do business by handshakes and the honor system.