CT Ranch is now offering Cow Cuddling Experiences!

Are you stressed from day to day life? Healing from past trauma? Want to get in touch with nature? Need to take a break? If you answered yes, then Cow Cuddling may be the answer!

A variety of domesticated farm animals are used for therapeutic purposes and a great deal of research has confirmed how effective this can be for people struggling with emotional and mental health issues. While cow cuddling is not considered formal animal therapy, just sitting with the cows can be extremely therapeutic and our Cow Cuddling Experience may be just what you need.


This practice began in the Netherlands and is slowly spreading around the world. Called “koe knuffelen” in Dutch, which means “cow hugging”, it focuses on the healing that results from humans and animals snuggling.

Cow Cuddling is relaxing, meditative and allows guests to engage in a soothing and unique experience. Most people have never been on a farm, let alone had the opportunity to be that close to such a large animal.

It might sound a bit crazy to think of these large farm animals being comforting, but there are some scientific reasons behind it. When cows are digesting their food, they like to lie down and become very quiet. This is the perfect time for a cuddle! Cows also have a slightly slower heart rate than us, so when our body is in contact with theirs, our heart rate naturally slows down as well.  And their body temperature is higher than ours, which also helps us feel more relaxed.

Cow cuddling also creates a sense of mindfulness and connection with nature. It creates an opportunity to be solely focused on touching and being around the animals in a gentle way. It is a great time for people to leave their technology behind and just be in the moment. As a result of this experience, many people have a reduction in stress levels.


Cow cuddling takes place here at our small family farm in East Texas. Our Cow Cuddling Experience begins with a tour of the farm, meeting our cows and learning how to calmly and safely approach and cuddle them.

You can brush them, pet them, talk to them, feed them treats, and typically, if they are lying down, they will wrap themselves around and snuggle into you. Baby calves will also normally fall asleep during these relaxing sessions. They like to snuggle and they love to be around people.

All sessions are private for one or two guests. We will also be there with you, creating a safe environment for you and the cow. We will tell you all about the cow, their personalities, likes and dislikes, and funny things they like to do. Cows are all individuals, within their herd and they each have unique and curious personalities.

We do have a few guidelines for our Cow Cuddling Experience:

Please wear close-toed shoes while enjoying your experience. No slippers, flip-flops or sandals are allowed.


  • Dress in layered clothing and in something that can get dirty. Texas weather can be a bit tricky to predict. We will be outside, where temperatures can fluctuate and nature can be messy. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your session.
  • No cell phones or technology devices allowed during the experience. We really want you to get the most out of your time with our cows. We will gladly take pictures for you during your session with the cows, if you would like us to.
  • You must read and sign our liability waiver prior to your experience. Anytime you are working with animals, even domesticated animals, there is a risk of unintentional harm.
  • Sessions are in one hour increments. Cows do not lay down for extended periods of time, so during your experience you may be sitting, standing, crouching, bending or walking, depending on what our cow is doing on that particular day.