Farm Share FAQs

Farm Share FAQs

What is a Farm Share? And how does it work?

A farm share is the purchase of a share in an animal herd(cow, goat, etc) for the purpose of receiving products from that animal.

The farmer and the consumer enter into a contract where the farmer cares for, boards and milks the animal and the consumer pays the farmer their share of the costs and receives the products from that animal. The consumer is not buying products from the farmer, but rather paying the farmer for the service of keeping the animal and the labor for milking and processing that into other products such as yogurt, butter or cheese.

Do I need to become a Member of the CT Ranch Private Membership Association to access CT Ranch products?

Yes! You must have a membership contract signed with us, and pay your yearly membership fee of $10. This allows you to access all our farm share products. You will also need to agree with our Farm Share Cost Policy each time you receive products from the farm.

What is a share?

1 share is equal to 1 gallon of raw milk. You may also have a share processed into a value added product like cream, butter or yogurt. Your family is able to purchase as many shares as you need. Half shares are also available for families that do not need quite as much.

What is my initial cost?

Sample Farm Share Costs Sample #1:

  • Annual Membership Fee: $10
  • 1 Share: 1 Gallon Raw A2 Milk: $12
  • 1 Share: 1 quart Raw A2 Yogurt: $10
  • 1/2 Share: 1 pint Raw A2 Cream: $8
  • Jar deposits: 4 Glass Jars x $5: $20 (refundable or trade out on next pickup)
  • Total Initial Farm Share Cost: $60
  • Each week thereafter(trading out jars): $30

Sample Farm Share Costs Sample #2:

  • Annual Membership Cost: $10
  • 1/2 Share: 1/2 gallon of Raw A2 Milk: $6
  • 1/2 Share: 1 pint Raw A2 Kefir: $5
  • Jar Deposits: 2 Glass Jars x $5: $10 (refundable or trade out on next visit)
  • Total Initial Farm Share Cost: $31
  • Each week thereafter(trading out jars): $11

Do I need to subscribe to a weekly pickup?

No, you definitely don’t need to, but we highly encourage it. If you do not subscribe to a weekly scheduled pickup of milk, we cannot guarantee that we will have milk available for you each week. Our weekly subscriber members will always get milk first. Cows are unpredictable and naturally have fluctuations in milk production throughout a milking season. Weather, temperature, pregnancy, season changes and mood will all cause fluctuations in milk production.

Where do I pickup my products? Do you offer delivery?

Currently, you may pickup your farm share products directly from the farm located at 1143 RS County Road 2300 in Emory, right off of Hwy 19. Our open hours are 11-6 Monday- Friday and we are available on Saturdays by appointment only.

We do not currently offer delivery of our products. We do have plans to add delivery routes to certain areas, as member requests dictate. Delivery routes and schedules will be announced as they become available.

Where can I get more information about raw milk?

Check out these resources to learn more!

If you want wholesome, delicious raw milk, we make it easy to get it!

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