CT Ranch Membership


In order to obtain food shares from CT Ranch, you must become a member of our Private Membership Association, which protects your rights as consumers, and protects the farmers who provide the food to members. This membership application must be signed and the one-time membership fee of $10 must be paid before you place your first order.

Summary of this Contract:

  • You are becoming a member of a Private Membership Association protected by the 1stamendment, to obtain food of the highest quality including raw dairy and pastured meats directly from the farmer.
  • You are choosing for yourself the types of food you want to buy and eat, and you have done your own research on the topic.
  • You will not pursue any course of legal action against the Association trustees, staff or the other members for anything pertaining to the foods you obtain in your own choosing.
  • Your activities and the farms activities with the Association are private and not to be shared with local, state or federal investigative or enforcement agencies.
  • You are acting as a private member of the Association and not representing any local, state or federal agency whose purpose is to regulate Association business or carry out any enforcement, entrapment or investigation.