Farm Fresh Eggs

CT Ranch has always offered fresh from the farm, chicken & duck eggs. We have a mixed bunch of chickens: some Rhode Island Reds, a beautiful color pallet of Americaunas, some Plymouth Rock, a variety of Wyandottes and even a few Cuckoo Marans. We also raise Muscovy ducks. They are known as the quackless duck because they actually make a hissing sound to communicate rather than a quack.

Eggs are available on a first come, first served basis seasonally.

Pastured Free-Range Farm Eggs
Raw Cow's Milk by CT Ranch

A2/A2 Raw Cows Milk

CT Ranch has been happily providing raw milk to our customers since 2014. We have chosen to raise and milk only A2/A2 Jersey, Guennsey and Brown Swiss cows. These breeds have very high butter-fat content and are more likely to carry the A2/A2 beta casein protein, which is known to be easier to digest for people with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance.


Why Our Raw Milk?

Why Do I Buy It?

  • Our milk is sold by weekly scheduled on-the-farm pickup only. All extra milk is available to current weekly customers.
  • You will be assigned a pickup day and each week on your assigned day, you will come out to the farm to pick up your milk, during open hours (11am-6pm).
  • You must supply your own jars for your milk. They must be clean, dry and labeled with your name. Half gallon mason-style jars work the best. I’ve found that the best place to buy jars locally is Bimart or Blackbird.
  • It is best to have 2 sets of jars. One set to pick up full of delicious milk and the second set to drop off for the following week. It is not required, but you will need to make sure to have your jars here to be filled the following week, 24 hours before your scheduled pickup.
  • All milk payments are due the first week of the month, for the entire month. Checks or cash are both great. We do have a change jar located by the payment box if you need change.
  • Payments should be put into an envelope, located by the payment box, with your name and a description of what you are paying for and if you took change.
  • You may switch your milk quantity to a lower or higher quantity at any time, pending availability on your pickup day.
  • When you come to drop off jars or pick up your milk for the first time it needs to be by appointment only. We can then show you around the farm and our ‘farm store’. We will also give you a raw milk purchasing agreement at that time. It needs to be read, signed and returned to us before your first milk pickup.
  • The raw milk purchasing agreement outlines all the policies and procedures to be a customer of CT Ranch.
  • Please call or email to check the availability of getting a scheduled milk pickup day or to be added to our current wait list.