Raw Milk & Eggs


Raw Milk & Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

CT Ranch has always offered fresh from the farm, chicken and duck eggs. We have a variety of chickens including Cochins, Wyandottes, Jersey Giants, Americaunas and Orpingtons. They do a great job of laying large, multi-colored eggs each day!

We also raise Muscovy ducks. They are known as the quackless duck because they actually make a hissing sound to communicate rather than a quack. They are very seasonal layers and produce heavily in the spring, summer and fall.

Eggs are available on a first come, first serve basis, seasonally. We do follow our chickens & ducks natural rhythm of egg laying and let them rest during the winter.

  • Pastured Chicken Eggs, $7.00/dozen
  • Pastured Duck Eggs, $9.00/dozen
Pastured Free-Range Farm Eggs

A2 Raw Milk Farm Share

We are passionate about supporting your healthy lifestyle and have been providing raw milk to families in our community since 2014. We raise our herd of A2 Brown Swiss cows and calves, in the sunshine and green pastures of East Texas. Our girls all have names, come when called (normally) and LOVE attention! They get milked only once per day, in the mornings, then they are free to spend the remainder of their days sunning themselves or grazing in the pastures.

We have found that this routine allows for the ultimate farming experience for us and our milking girls. It allows us to leave our calves with their moms until weaning. It allows the cows to get their job done and then spend the rest of their day making more milk in a stress-free environment. It is also much easier on the milk cows bodies and energy expenditures, and we don’t have to supplement their feed, when they are only milked once per day. It also allows more time for us to focus on our animals, our farm, our family and our members.

After the calves are weaned, around 4-6 months, we start milking them twice per day until it is time to dry them up before their next calving.

Brown Swiss cows are known to have a very high butter-fat content and normally carry the A2/A2 beta casein protein, which is known to be easier to digest for people with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance. All of our cows are tested A2/A2.

As a member of our PMA and Farm Share, you own a share of our farm! You get milk every week, or as needed, picked up directly from the farm- like a milk subscription- from your very own cow! The best news is that you don’t have to wake up at 5:00 am to milk the cows!

Become A MemberFarm Share FAQs

Why Join Our Raw Milk Farm Share?

Our milk is picked up the same day it is milked and may last up to 2 weeks when kept at optimum temperatures.

Our cows have all been genetically tested and they all carry the A2 gene. This makes it easier for some people to digest and process milk & dairy.

Our milk is entirely natural. The cream has never been removed from the milk and it naturally rises to the top of every jar.

Our milk goes from the cow, to the bottle, to you. Other milk may be pasteurized (cooked), homogenized (processed so the cream won’t rise to the top), adulterated with synthetic vitamins and other additives, and standardized. Standardization is the process used by all major producers where milk is separated into its constituent solids and fat, partially dehydrated, and then mixed back together to form a product which just conforms to minimum legal limits for milk.

We treat our cows with old-fashioned kindness and respect. We feed them unlimited grass hay, and pasture. They get alfalfa & organic grain when coming into be milked each morning. They also get garden fruits & veggies when they are in season. We never use hormones or other substances to artificially increase milk production.

Our milk is raw milk. The natural nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes it contains have not been destroyed or altered by cooking, as is the case with pasteurized products.

Cleanliness standards for raw milk should be of the utmost importance. We pride ourselves on keeping our cows & equipment as clean as possible. Our milk tests prove that we are keeping it clean.

Our milk is natural, pure, clean, and fresh, and it tastes WONDERFUL.

Because it is not processed or adulterated, our milk is the last real, honest milk you can buy.

If you want wholesome, delicious raw milk, we make it easy to get it!