Meet Our family

Welcome to Our Ranch!

We are Pierre & Nicole Caballero. We are a young couple with a young family trying to raise our kids and our animals the best way we know how. We homeschool our five amazing children, Andrus, Ariana, Adrien, Amelia & Abrahm. We enjoy living in the country, waking up to our rooster, Cartwright, crowing in the mornings (sometimes way too early), and sitting on our back porch hearing the crickets chirping on a late summer night. We have an amazing extended family and so many friends to share our life with. We enjoy the outdoors and are blessed to live in beautiful East Texas, with so many options of outdoor activities to choose from…our top favorites are camping, fishing, boating, and hunting.

On any typical day, you will find us out working the animals; even the kids pitch in to help with chores, when they can of course. All of our animals are handled on a daily basis with a lot of love. We truly care about each and every one of them, they are all named and are all special in their own ways. We raise our animals to provide meat and dairy products for ourselves, our family & our friends. We love that we are also able to provide these products to our community as well. We love to have visitors to the ranch so give us a call to set up an appointment!

Hope to see you soon!
Pierre & Nicole Caballero

Ranch Dogs

CT Ranch is home to two amazing ranch dogs, Luna & Steve. Luna is our Great Pyrenees, livestock guardian dog. She doesn’t do a great job of guarding the livestock but rather enjoys guarding the kids and our property. You will likely see her lounging around the pastures or running around greeting customers with her obsessive barking.

Steve was a pup from a litter that got dumped on our property Spring of 2022. We weren’t planning to keep any of the puppies but Steve was instantly attached to our oldest son and hasn’t left his side since he got here. He has proven to be an excellent farm dog and does a great job of protecting our family and property. You will likely see him running around the property on your visits too.