Meet Our Milking Girls

Brown Swiss Beauties


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Miss Mavis is the smallest of our herd (which isn’t saying much considering she’s still huge), and what she lacks in size, she makes up for in wonderful personality. She is just a doll! Mavis is a 2 year old registered Brown Swiss cow that also came to us from a larger Brown Swiss dairy. Her favorite things to do are give hugs (SHE LOVES HUGS!), moo at us for more attention, get scratched all over, and eat! She also really enjoys picking fights with her herd sister, Mocha. Mavis just recently calved and we are very excited to get her bred again because we think she will be an excellent mama! She gives some very creamy, rich and delicious milk.


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Miss Hazel was our very first Brown Swiss girl. Brown Swiss cows are pretty difficult to find and when she came up for sale, we just knew we had to have her. She surely didn’t disappoint and with her we made the decision to switch our entire dairy from Jersey and Guernsey cows, to all Brown Swiss. Hazel is just over 4 years old and the leader of our Brown Swiss herd. She is the boss (even over our beef cows too) and is always the first to be milked each morning. She is a very sweet cow and LOVES to be loved! Her milk is sweet and smooth and has a generous amount of cream. She also adores being a mama and spends her days in the pasture with her daughter, Annie.


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Miss Clarabelle is our largest Brown Swiss girl. She is taller at the back than I am standing. She is the tallest cow we've ever owned. Pierre likes to call her our Limousine amongst the Cadillacs. Clarabelle is a 2 year old registered Brown Swiss who came with the others from the larger Brown Swiss dairy. She is the sweet, silent type and has no interest at all in being the lead cow or even close to the top rankings. She really enjoys blending into the herd and loves to be milked! She also really likes to take calves that aren't hers and to be scratched and petted everywhere. She is just a very mellow, docile girl. She doesn't give the most milk in production but she makes up for it in butterfat content!


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Miss Pepper is our darkest and most skittish girl. She is a 2 year old registered Brown Swiss and came from the bigger Brown Swiss dairy with her herd sisters. She is very shy and isn’t too fond of human attention yet, but we have no doubt that she will come around quickly. She absolutely adores her herd sisters and can usually be found out in the pasture, cleaning and loving on one of them. Pepper really likes to be milked, is excellent and very calm in the stanchion and is a great producer for being so young. Her milk is fantastically sweet and creamy! We are so happy to have her on the ranch.


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Miss Mocha is what little girls are made of; she is sugar and spice and everything nice! Mocha is a delightful 3 year old registered Brown Swiss. She loves to cuddle, be milked, take baby calves as her own and she is second in command of our herd. Mocha came to us recently from another Brown Swiss Dairy and seems like she was meant to have been here all along. She gives quite a bit of milk for being a first freshener and it is some of the sweetest milk we've ever tasted!