***Raw cream, raw butter, and sour cream will be out of stock or in limited quantity until the end of the month. Thank you for your patience while we wait for some of our cows to calve.*** ***Farm Tours will not be available until fall, when the weather cools down a bit***

Farm Membership FAQs


What is a Private Membership Association?

A Private Membership Association (PMA) is any kind of business or group where services and participation are limited to members only --- and not open to the general public. A Private Membership Association establishes its own guidelines of operation that are agreed upon by all joining members. Because of the government and large corporations hold on our food & healthcare systems, this change is necessary to protect our freedom of choice. Specifically it protects our right to continue to provide healthy, nutrient-dense, unadulterated farm foods, and your right to receive our products without restriction. A Private Membership Association protects our freedom of food choice and association as stated in the 1st and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

Do I HAVE to become a Private Member in order to purchase food from CT Ranch?

Yes! You must be a Farm Member to have access to purchase farm products. You will need to pay your Lifetime Membership fee of $20 and sign the PMA contract before receiving any product. You will also need to agree with our Farm Share Cost Policy each time you receive products from the farm.

Do I need to place my order online or can I just come buy directly at the Farm Store?

Once you become a farm member, you have the option to purchase farm store products online and choose a date that you would like to come pick them up from the farm, or be delivered to one of our pick up locations. You may also come by the farm during our open Farm Store hours, (10-6 Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and purchase available products without placing an online order.

We try our hardest to keep all products in stock for online and in-person orders, but for a variety of reasons, we may not always have all products available.

Where do I pickup my products? Do you offer delivery?

Currently, you may pickup your farm share products directly from the farm located at 1143 RS County Road 2300 in Emory, right off of Hwy 19. Our open hours are Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10am-6pm.

We offer delivery to pickup locations throughout Northeast Texas. Click on our Pickup Locations for more information about delivery options. All delivery orders must be placed 2-4 days before delivery day depending on your preferred location.

I forgot my jars to trade on accident. Can I just take my product and promise to bring back the jars next time, or do I have to pay another deposit? 

Unfortunately, you will need to pay another jar deposit on each jar taken. We understand that accidents happen but we have a zero-allowance policy for jars leaving our farm without being traded out or left a deposit for. All jar deposits will be refunded or traded out as soon as the jars come back.

Where can I get more information about raw milk?

Visit our Additional Resources page for a ton of great information!