***Raw cream, raw butter, and sour cream will be out of stock or in limited quantity until the end of the month. Thank you for your patience while we wait for some of our cows to calve.***

Order & Pickup FAQs

Answers About Our Process

Ordering Process

To Signup:

  1. Click Create an Account from our Homepage.
  2. Enter your zip code to check pickup availability in your area.
  3. Fill in your personal account information and choose your pickup location. (This can be changed in your account settings later if needed.)
  4. Read through our Farm Membership Contract & Cost Sharing Policy. (You will be asked to sign our contract and cost sharing policies when you pickup your first order.)
  5. Click Become A Farm Member and add the one-time $20 Farm Membership to your cart. Now, you may begin placing orders for farm fresh products!

 To Order:

  1. Click Shop Now.
  2. Browse through our selection of farm fresh products.
  3. Add the items you want to your cart.
  4. When your finished, click the Checkout button. Make sure all your pickup details are correct; location, date, and payment information.
  5. Send your order to us for processing by clicking the Place Your Order button.

To Pick-Up:

  1. We will see you at the pickup location you selected at checkout on your selected pickup date & time. *Farm Store pickups can be picked up anytime during open hours 10am-6pm.
  2. Place your food in your insulated bag or cooler for transport home.

To Pay:

  1. Payment is made online by credit card at the time of checkout (and you can save your card for future orders) or you can pay with cash at the farm store. 

*Your credit card will not be charged until the day before your scheduled pickup. We do not process any online payments when placing your order. 

Take your products home & enjoy!

Order Cancellation Policy: 

If you need to cancel your order for any reason, please call/text us at 903-268-0522 or email us at orders@ctranch.com, to inform us of the cancellation. Due to the perishable nature of our products, any orders canceled less than 24 hours in advance of pickup will be charged in full. 

Pickup Location Information

  • Your pickup date, time and location are located on your order. Please make sure you take note of these. Pickup Location details are also located on our Pickup Locations page.
  • We will be located in the designated parking lot, in our dark grey Suburban.
  • Please arrive early/on time to your pickup. *This is an appointment time and we do not stay more than 15-20 minutes at each pickup location before needing to get to our next stop.*
  • Please call us at 903-268-0522 if you will be more than 5 minutes late for a pickup appointment, or if there is some emergency that prohibits you from picking up your order entirely.
  • If you do not show up during your pickup time, your order will be available for you to pickup at our Emory Farm Store (Thursday-Saturday). ***Due to the perishable nature of our products, any orders not picked up for their scheduled delivery or from the farm store, will not be refunded.***
  • The order deadline is Midnight 2-4 days before your scheduled delivery day, depending on the pickup location. We understand that things happen and you may miss a deadline. If this happens, please email us and we will let you know if we can accommodate your order for that pickup. 

Pickup Location FAQs

Where will you be during pickup?

We will always choose locations that are easy to find, out in the open, in the parking lot of a well-known location. We usually opt for the back or side of a parking lot so we are out of the way of major traffic. Details on each pickup location are located on our Pickup Locations page. Please call us at 903-268-0522 if you are having trouble finding us at a specific pickup location.

Should I bring a cooler to my pickup?

Yes, please bring a cooler or an insulated cooler bag. We do have these available for purchase on our website and also at the pickup locations and farm store. 

Is it OK if I come early to the Pickup Location?

Absolutely! At least 5-10 minutes early is fine.

How long do you wait at the Pickup Location?

We enjoy having conversations with our members so we are normally at a pickup location for 15-20 minutes. However, we do appreciate if you are either early or on time; that way if you hit traffic or another snag you'll still be only 5-10 minutes late. If you see you are going to be later than that, please call/text us at 903-268-0522. Please know we have multiple pickups in a day and must arrive to our next scheduled pickup location on time. 

What happens if I miss my pickup?

We understand that life is busy and sometimes things just happen. We do send out an email reminder about your order, the day of, or day before delivery.  If you forget to pickup your order during the designated pickup time, we will attempt to contact you before leaving the location. If we are unable to reach you, or you can not make it to the location in a reasonable amount of time, your order will be available at the next scheduled pickup location that day, or for on-farm pickup (Thursday-Saturday). Due to the perishable nature of our products, if you have not picked up your order for the week, you forfeit your order and we are unable to issue a refund.

How does weather affect Pickup Location deliveries?

The short answer is that we watch the weather and road conditions closely and we cancel the delivery or move it to another day if the conditions are too bad. We always communicate this type of announcement via email, so especially if the weather is questionable, check your email often in the day leading up to delivery (and the morning of delivery). If you do not, you may miss a very important notice. But, if at any time, when it comes right down to the time and you simply don't feel comfortable being on the road, yet we have not canceled... no worries. Your driving decision is totally up to you. Just send us a note or give us a call if you cannot make the pick-up.

If you're not sure whether you will be able to make it or not, please do not cancel your order. If there's a chance you could come, we'd rather take your order along just in case. If you can't pick up due to road conditions, we will totally understand. These things happen with Texas weather! There will be no restocking fees.

Above all... we just want everyone to be safe!

Can I order for a different Pickup Location without creating a new account?

Yes, absolutely! Near the top of every page you will see your current delivery method with a little "CHANGE" button beside it. Click "CHANGE", enter your zip code and select the pickup location you want to meet us at, or during checkout, simply choose the pickup location you wish to order for. This will be saved as your default pickup location until you change it again. 

What if there is a problem with my order?

No worries, we will make it right. Just contact us and let us know what we can do to help. We care about you and the quality of our products!


What if I need to skip or cancel?

You are in complete control of your repeating order. You can edit items, skip deliveries or cancel at any time. We will never lock you into commitments or hassle you with hard-to-find cancellation buttons. You can simply go to your account and make the changes you need.

Will I be notified before each delivery?

Yes, you will receive an email notification 2-3 days before your upcoming order gets packed for delivery.

How long do I have to adjust or change my Subscription order?

You have until the order deadline for ordering in your pickup location to edit/change your order. You will receive an email and text the week before confirming your deadline for making changes to your order.

Can I place a one-time order in between my subscription orders?

Our system won’t currently allow this, but if you contact us, we can enter a one-time order for you manually.

How do I change my delivery date?

Log-in and select Subscribe from the Account menu. From there, you'll be able to select a new date.

How do I Sign-up for Subscription Ordering?

Sign up on the checkout page by selecting the Subscribe checkbox and then filling out the settings as directed as you finish the checkout process.

How do I Cancel my Subscription?

Go to “ Account” in the upper right-hand corner of our home page, then choose the dropdown “Subscribe” and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the “Cancel Your Subscription” button.

How do I Skip a Subscription order?

Go to “Account” in the upper right-hand corner of our home page, then choose the dropdown “Subscribe” and hit the Skip button. Skipping will cancel the current order and jump to the next order date based on your subscription frequency.

How do I get a Subscription order Sooner?

Go to “Account” in the upper right-hand corner of our home page, then choose the dropdown “Subscribe” and hit the Get it Sooner button. Getting it Sooner will process your Subscribe & Save order on the next weekly deadline date of your choice.

How do I add/remove items from my Subscription order?

Your current order will be listed in the cart and you can add and remove items at will. Any changes to that cart will apply to the order date listed at the bottom of the open cart. Any changes will automatically update and you will only receive one confirmation email. Any changes made after that confirmation email will be reflected in the final order packed receipt email.