1/4 Beef Deposit

1/4 Beef Deposit

$6.50/lb. hanging weight. Final Cost ranges from $950-$1250.

CT Ranch currently raises 6-8 steers per year for beef. Our pastures can only sustain that amount without overgrazing and we prefer to offer a quality product over quantity of product.

We have chosen to raise Angus, Hereford & Brangus cattle on our ranch. In addition to our few beef cows, we partner with two local farms to get a few high quality steer calves as well. These breeds and their incredible genetics, results in a high quality, delicious beef.

All beef steers from CT Ranch are raised naturally for the best taste & quality meat we can provide. CT Ranch cattle are rotationally grazed and moved to new fresh pasture every day! They are given high-quality hay as needed when our pastures are not sufficient. Garden leftovers and rejected fruits & vegetables from the farm are also herd favorites. We provide them with free-choice mineral and salt blocks as well.

CT Ranch cattle are never given any hormones, steroids or antibiotics. They are natural, pasture-raised, grass-fed and grass-finished.

All our steers have an approximate hanging weight of 500-600 lbs. You can expect an approximate final weight between 100-125lbs. depending on your cutting selections chosen. Your cutting selections will be determined based on a "split-side" of a half with another member. 

This is an average amount to be expected from a quarter beef. 

8 lbs. -Arm Roast
14-16 lbs. –Chuck Roast 
3-4 lbs. -Sirloin Tip Roast or Steaks
3-4 lbs. -Rump Roast
1-2  lb. -Fillet or Porterhouse Steak
3-4 lbs. –Ribeye Steaks or Roast
8-10 lbs. -Round, Cube, or Swiss Steak
8-10 lb. -Sirloin Steak
4 lbs. -T-Bone or NY Strip Steak
2-3 lbs. –Brisket
3 lbs. -Stew Meat
1 lb. -Flank Steak
40 lbs. –Ground Beef (or Hamburger Patties)
Edible Organs –Heart, Liver, Tongue

*These amounts are averages. Actual amounts will vary.

The price does not include Kill Fee and Custom Cut & Wrap with our local butcher shop. You will pay this directly to the butcher at pickup.

Current Scheduled Beef Processing Dates:

  • July 2023- Sold Out 
  • January-April 2024
  • June-August 2024

I understand that I am putting down a nonrefundable deposit on an animal that will be charged immediately. The balance will be due in full after the animal is killed and the total hanging weight is determined.