1/2 Beef Deposit

1/2 Beef Deposit

$6.25/lb. hanging weight. Final Cost ranges from $1800-2500.

CT Ranch currently raises 6-8 steers per year for beef. Our pastures can only sustain that amount without overgrazing and we prefer to offer a quality product over quantity of product.

We have chosen to raise Angus, Hereford & Brangus cattle on our ranch. In addition to our few beef cows, we partner with two local farms to get a few high quality steer calves as well. These breeds and their incredible genetics, results in a high quality, delicious beef.

All beef steers from CT Ranch are raised naturally for the best taste & quality meat we can provide. CT Ranch cattle are rotationally grazed and moved to new fresh pasture every day! They are given high-quality hay as needed when our pastures are not sufficient. Garden leftovers and rejected fruits & vegetables from the farm are also herd favorites. We provide them with free-choice mineral and salt blocks as well.

CT Ranch cattle are never given any hormones, steroids or antibiotics. They are natural, pasture-raised, grass-fed and grass-finished.

All our steers have an approximate hanging weight of 500-600 lbs. You can expect an approximate final weight between 300-380 lbs depending on your cutting selections chosen. The butcher will be calling you immediately after the scheduled kill date to get your cutting instructions directly.

The price does not include Kill Fee and Custom Cut & Wrap with our local butcher shop. You will pay this directly to the butcher at pickup.

Current Scheduled Beef Processing Dates:

  • July 2023- Sold Out 
  • January-April 2024
  • June-August 2024

I understand that I am putting down a nonrefundable deposit on an animal to be charged immediately. The balance will be due in full after the animal is killed and the total hanging weight is determined.