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Raw Butter-Salted-1/2 Pound

Raw Butter-Salted-1/2 Pound

Lightly Salted - Fresh

A2 Raw Butter

Our Raw Butter is made by hand using only our A2 Raw Cream. Brown Swiss cows are highly regarded for producing milk with an amazing butter fat content. It is a favorite of cheese makers & chocolatiers alike! The creamy raw butter that is made from our raw cream, surely won’t disappoint!

This butter is lightly salted using Redmond Real Salt. *There may be tiny mineral flecks in your butter, this is normal and healthy*

Did you know?! Depending on the time of year or the diet and breed of the cow, the color of the butter will change. In the spring, summer & fall, when our cows diet is mainly fresh pasture grasses, it increases the beta carotene in the milk produced and subsequently makes the butter more yellow. In the winter, when cows are fed a higher amount of dried hay, there is less beta carotene, resulting in a more pale color to the butter.

Our Brown Swiss cows are on pasture 365 days per year. We rotationally graze them and they are moved once or twice daily to a fresh paddock of delicious greens. This ensures they are getting optimal nutrition to provide you with the best! They are also given fresh fruits & veggies when in season. And they have access to free-choice minerals and salt at all times.

Our cows are genetically tested for A2 genetics. To read more about A2 milk and why it is so much healthier, check out our blog post here.

  • A2/A2 Brown Swiss Cows
  • Organically Produced
  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Grass-Fed & On Pasture 365 days a year
  • Non Homogenized
  • Non-Pasteurized
  • Cream on Top
  • Lactose Intolerant & Dairy Allergy Friendly
  • Milk Tested Weekly for safety


A2 Raw Cream, Redmond Real Salt.