All-Purpose Flour, Premium Blend

All-Purpose Flour, Premium Blend

2.5lb - Stone Ground - Organic - Freshly Milled

Stone Milled Flours

Our grains are happily sourced in Texas from Barton Springs Mill. 

From Barton Springs Mill:

New to stone-milled flour? This is the perfect place to start. Use this 1:1 as flour in ANY recipe and you will taste the difference.

Our custom-mixed, Premium All-Purpose flour is a combination of Rouge de Bordeaux and Sonora, sifted to ‘00’ and blended for the perfect combination of flavor, structure, and tenderness in cookies, cakes, and pies.

In 2016, Barton Springs Mill set out to bring authentic heritage and landrace grains and corn to our fellow Texans. We work with farmers across the state, all exceptional at their craft, to grow organic crops using the same strains of seeds planted here in Texas in the early 1900s.

Most every day of the week, the mill is running, churning multiple varieties of wheat, corn, rice, and rye, and spelt for Texans who prize the nuances of taste, texture, and performance found only in heritage crops. 

If you don’t know what great great grandpa's grains taste like, come give it a try! 


Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat.