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Pastured Chicken Eggs

Pastured Chicken Eggs

1 Dozen

Pastured Chicken Eggs

CT Ranch has always offered fresh-from-the-farm Chicken Eggs. 

We have a variety of happy laying chickens including Cochins, Wyandottes, Jersey Giants, Americaunas, Orpingtons, Olive Eggers & Marans. They do a great job of laying large, multi-colored eggs each day! 

Our hens are always out on pasture grass. We move them to fresh pasture each day to ensure they are getting optimal nutrition!

Our eggs are: 

  • Soy Free 
  • Non-GMO
  • Hormone Free 
  • Antibiotic Free 
  • From Pastured Hens

Compared to non-pastured chicken and eggs, pasture-raised chicken and eggs have the following nutritional differences:

  • 286% more Omega-3 fatty acids
  • 13% less saturated fats
  • 73% more Vitamin A
  • 200% more Vitamin E

We do follow our chickens natural rhythm of egg laying and let them rest during the winter, as needed. Egg quantities may be limited during this time.


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