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Beef Flat Iron Steak

Beef Flat Iron Steak

1lb- Grass Fed - Local
$23.45 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Raised in Texas & Stays In Texas, Find Your Pick Up Location Here!

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A Well-Kept Secret in the World of Steaks

One of the most tender and flavorful steaks you will ever try.

Located in the sturdy shoulder of the cow, or what we like to call 'the chuck' (it's a meaty term of endearment), this cut delivers on flavor, offering a rich, beefy taste that will impress you from the first bite.

The beauty of the Beef Flat Iron Steak lies in its versatility. Whether you're planning to fire up the grill or cook it in a pan, this cut adapts to your cooking style with ease. 

And let's not forget about the health benefits - This steak is also packed with essential nutrients like proteinvitamins, and minerals, making it a tasty and nutritious addition to your meals. Plus, because our cows are grass-fed, their meat contains higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients. 

Our butchers are like artists, carefully removing the tough parts to leave you with a tender and well-marbled steak. It's so nicely done, you might think it's a work of art. But remember, it's for eating, not displaying!

Our Beef Flat Iron Steak is a reliable and delicious choice that's sure to become a favorite at your dinner table. It's not just a meal - it's a commitment to qualityhealth, and sustainability

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