Free-Range Duck Eggs

Free-Range Duck Eggs

1 Dozen

CT Ranch has fresh from the farm Duck Eggs. We chose to raise Muscovy Ducks because of their docile nature and their excellent egg laying & mothering abilities. They are also larger than other breeds and can be used to meat as well.

Our ducks are free-range. They have an entire 3 acre pasture, with a huge pond where they spend their days just being ducks. They get access to fresh water, fresh grass, bugs and seeds.

Our duck eggs are: Soy Free - Non-GMO - Hormone Free - Antibiotic Free - From Free-Range Ducks

We do follow our ducks natural rhythm of egg laying. They are seasonal layers and produce heavily in the spring, summer and fall. Egg quantities may be limited during the winter time.

DID YOU KNOW? Muscovy Ducks are known as the quackless duck! This is because they don't quack like normal ducks but rather make a hissing sound to communicate to each other!