Chicken Sausage- Mexican Style

Chicken Sausage- Mexican Style

1 lb - Non-GMO - Pasture Raised

Pasture-Raised Chicken

Our chicken is supplied by a local family farm, Windy Meadows.

Windy Meadows produces pastured, non-GMO, antibiotic free chicken that is processed without chemicals. Pastured, meaning we aggressively graze our chickens on grass by moving their pens everyday. We use only non-GMO feed that is certified non-GMO by a third party.

Our chicken is antibiotic free and instead we focus on the health of their environment, making sure to provide fresh grass, water, and a balanced feed with minerals and vitamins that promote health.

We process the chicken in our state inspected facility without any toxic chemicals. Our goal is to bring you the best tasting chicken.


Chicken, Chicken Hearts, Sea Salt, Spices.