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Pain Relief Soothing Salve

Pain Relief Soothing Salve

4oz jar - Holistic - Handmade

HoneyBeez Full Spectrum Hemp Soothing Salve is made from a specific blend of herbs exclusively formulated to quickly ease the discomfort associated with inflammation and pain such as joint stiffness, muscle spasms, cramps, and bruising.

Every ingredient is specially chosen for its properties in soothing, relieving and speeding the body’s natural process of reducing inflammation.

In addition to full spectrum hemp, our exclusive formula includes other anti-inflammatory and antioxidant plant medicines such as nettles, eucalyptus, angelica root, calendula, dragon’s blood, and cayenne.

Each handmade batch contains ingredients that are grown and harvested sustainably.

Recommendations: We recommend you try HoneyBeez Soothing Salve by applying a generous amount to your affected area and massaging it in thoroughly. For external use only.