Ryman Rye Flour

Ryman Rye Flour

2.5lb - Stone Ground - Organic - Freshly Milled

Stone Milled Flours

Our grains are happily sourced in Texas from Barton Springs Mill. 

From Barton Springs Mill:

This modern rye variety is mainly used agriculturally for forage, and fall/winter erosion control; Texas farmers utilize this rye as part of their regenerative rotations. Compared to traditional Texas rye cover varieties, Ryman exudes more flavor and function.

If you're used to our Wrens Abruzzi Rye, you can utilize Ryman Rye in the same fashion. It exhibits a darker color, but has a similar flavor and aroma while achieving comparable performance.

This is a mild rye. Whole Grain.

  • Grown in: Joshua, TX by Farmer Jerod Crawford of Enger Farms
  • Protein:  Protein % is not indicative of rye’s baking performance, therefore we do not test for it. 
  • Flavor profile: mild spice level; still good for savory applications
  • We love it added to: Breads, Brownies, Cookies, Distilling, Pancakes, Pasta, Pastries, Pie Crust, Rolls, Sourdough Starter(makes your starter more active), Tarts.

In 2016, Barton Springs Mill set out to bring authentic heritage and landrace grains and corn to our fellow Texans. We work with farmers across the state, all exceptional at their craft, to grow organic crops using the same strains of seeds planted here in Texas in the early 1900s.

Most every day of the week, the mill is running, churning multiple varieties of wheat, corn, rice, and rye, and speltfor Texans who prize the nuances of taste, texture, and performance found only in heritage crops. 

If you don’t know what great great grandpa's grains taste like, come give it a try! 


Organic Rye.