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Let’s Have a Heart To Heart: I Am Not Living the Dream You Think I Am Living

posted on

June 8, 2024


Nicole here, ready to have a heart-to-heart. I want to take a moment to peel back the layers and share some truths. I hear it all the time: “You’re living my dream on the farm!” First I want to say, thank you—I truly respect and appreciate this sentiment. It means a lot to know that what we’re doing here resonates with so many of you. 

But I am here to be 100% honest with you as always. 

Farm life is incredibly rewarding, but it’s also incredibly demanding and unpredictable. There’s immense joy in what I do, but there are also immense challenges and sacrifices. It’s not the Instagram-filtered dream. It’s early mornings, late nights, facing illnesses and deaths, and sometimes feeling like I’m constantly putting out fires. It’s not always glamorous; it’s real and raw, sometimes thrilling and sometimes downright exhausting!

I want to honor your dreams by always sharing the whole picture with you.

Just like any other lifestyle, farm life has its ups and downs. By being honest about the tough parts,my hope is that we can connect more deeply and support each other even better.

Here’s the thing—I don’t like fake, surface-level BS. The reality is life is BUSY, our schedules and to do lists are full to the max…but we were never meant to do it alone. 

We've all experienced the pressure of trying to do everything on our own. However, humanity hasn't thrived for thousands of years by working in isolation. Living independently contradicts our inherent nature. Throughout history, from our ancestors to tribal cultures, we've always flourished through community and mutual support. This sense of togetherness is something that's lacking in today's society.

And so here we are today, trying to be supermoms, business owners, homeschool teachers, and more. We’re supposed to eat right, work out, take care of the kids, keep everyone fed, manage skin care routines, walk the dog, practice self-care, plan vacations, meditate, maintain our marriages, and somehow juggle a job too. It’s overwhelming, right?

I know now you're thinking, “cool Nicole, real Debbie downer, so what is the point of you bringing all this up, what is your proposed solution?”

My answer to that is: WE NEED TO GET COMFORTABLE ASKING FOR HELP AND RECEIVING HELP. Doing it all alone is not a badge of honor.

When we let go of ego and pride and get comfortable asking for help, we open the door for community and kindness. We can ask ourselves, “How can I expect to get the help I need if I’m not asking for it?” Then take that one step further and actually be ok with and not feel guilty for receiving that help.

In days of old, your local farm was not just a place to buy food;

Farms were a cornerstone of the community. Neighbors supported farmers, and farmers supported their neighbors. We are bringing that spirit back!. 

YES, we are truly here to help you, and we know our amazing customers will do the same for us. We are truly blessed and deeply grateful for your ongoing support.

We’re all in this together during these challenging times. Mental breakdowns and struggles are real, but when we acknowledge our difficulties and support one another, we find strength in our shared experiences. 

Remember, being real takes courage, but it also brings us closer together. By supporting each other, we can create a stronger, more self-sufficient community. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us to create a strong local food system!

With love and honesty, Nicole and the CT Ranch Family

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