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😎🧊Keepin' Cool on CT Ranch: How Our Animals Beat the Texas Heat

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September 6, 2023

As the sizzling Texas summer continues to blaze, we're working hard to ensure our animals stay cool and comfortable. Every creature on our farm is finding unique ways to beat the heat, and we thought you'd be interested to hear how they're hangin’!


Splish-Splash in the Pond

Our cows have found their favorite spot to chill - the pond! Just like us humans taking a dip in the pool, our bovine buddies enjoy a refreshing soak before lounging under the shady trees. They repeat this cool-down routine throughout the day, only taking a break when it's time for milking. Yes, they know when to come in for milking without us calling them. They really are living their best life this summer!


Our Cows Got It Made In The Shade!

When they're not in the pond, our cows love to lay in the shade, often leaning against a tree or laying next to the pond. It's their version of lounging on a pool chair, and it's equally effective at keeping them cool.


Ice, Ice, Baby

Frozen treats aren't just for humans! Our chickens and pigs are enjoying these icy goodies, which not only offer them relief from the heat but also provide a fun activity.


Wallowing Pigs

Speaking of pigs, have you ever seen a pig wallow? In the scorching summer heat, our pigs create and lounge in mud pools, which serve as a natural sunscreen and insect repellent. We haul barrels of water to them on tractors every day when it's super hot, ensuring they can keep wallowing to their heart's content.


Water Troughs

Hydration is key in this heat, and we make sure fresh water is always available for all our animals. We fill the troughs twice a day, and during dry spells, we are extra diligent about ensuring all of our animals have ample access to fresh cool water. 

We're dedicated to our animals' health and well-being, and we'll continue to adapt our care routines to suit their needs as the summer heat persists. Stay tuned for more updates from the ranch!

Stay cool,


& The CT Ranch Farm Fam

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