Winter is Coming: A Texan Rancher's Guide to Winter Prep!

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December 16, 2023


Even though we're in the heart of Texas, winter can still be a bit of a rodeo for us and our livestock. Here's how we guide our farm animals through the season with a Texas-sized dose of TLC

Pigs (and cows) in a blanket: Straw for Cows and Pigs

When the temperatures start to drop, it's time to bring out the straw bedding for our cows and pigs. This isn't just about making their sleeping quarters cozier than a country quilt, folks. It's about providing much-needed insulation against the cold ground. Remember, a warm pig or cow is a happy one!

"Horse" Blankets for Cows: Fashion Meets Function

No, you didn't read that wrong, and no, we haven't been sipping on grandpa's secret stash of moonshine. Horse blankets for cows are indeed a thing. These bovine fashion statements aren't just about making our cows look stylish (though they do add a certain je ne sais quoi). They also provide an extra layer of warmth for those particularly chilly nights. Plus, it's quite the conversation starter!

Chicken Coop Comforts: Extra Shavings for Extra Warmth

Our feathered friends also need a little extra help to stay warm during the winter months. By adding extra shavings to the chicken coop, we’re not just making the space more comfortable – we’re also helping to keep the coop insulated. 

Hay There! Stocking Up on Winter Feed d

Winter is a time of feasting, and that goes for our livestock too… well all year round for them really! It's essential for us to store up on hearty alfalfa hay for our cows. This will not only keep them well-fed but also help them generate more body heat to stay warm.

Water Trough Migration: Avoiding the Mud Puddle Blues

When winter rain comes around, it can turn low areas of our ranch into something resembling a mud-wrestling arena. To avoid this, we move water troughs to higher ground. This way, we prevent creating more muddy areas and erosion on our farm

Mineral Blocks: Fresh Salt and Minerals for the Win

Finally, we stock up on fresh salt and mineral blocks. These are not just a tasty treat for our animals, but they also provide essential nutrients that can be harder to come by during the winter months. Consider these the equivalent of a rancher's multivitamin!

So there you have it, folks. With a little preparation and a dash of humor, we guide our farm through winter and come out the other side, ready for a productive spring. 

Stay warm, y'all!

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