Should Chickens Be Vegetarians?

Today, the supermarket is a maze of confusing food labels. Producers market everything from meat to eggs as “healthy,” “free range,” “pasture-raised,” “organic,” “antibiotic-free,” or something else. However, one of the most confusing labels is “vegetarian fed” - especially regarding chickens.  While vegetarian feed may sound like a good thing for poultry, it’s worth a second thought. Chickens are omnivores in the wild, so should they be vegetarians in domesticity? What’s in that vegetarian food, after all, and is it really as good for chickens as it sounds? In this blog, we’ll look at vegetarian feed for chickens. We’ll also consider whether it’s the healthiest option for the poultry, the environment, and your family.

Understanding Meat Labels & Terms: Grass-fed, Pastured, & Organic

Imagine you’re in the grocery store buying a few steaks for dinner. You look at the meat selection and are overwhelmed by the labels: organic, grass-fed, pastured, etc. What do they all mean, and how do you choose the right product? Today, we’re breaking down a few of the most common meat labels in the industry. We’ll also bust some of the most common myths surrounding these labels (teaser: organic does not always mean good quality) and discuss why buying your meat from a family farm is always a good idea.

Top 6 Tips for Fighting Sickness this Season

Many of you know that we are pretty nature-based in most aspects of our lives and dealing with illness is no exception to that. I wanted to share my top 6 ways of fighting sickness when it inevitably shows up at our house for a visit.